Antique Sterling Silver Match Safe/Vesta with Hidden Photo Compartment

Salt River Collectibles

SKU: 3139

  • This Early 1900's Sterling Silver Vesta has Hidden Photo Compartment and Features a Beautiful Art Nouveau Repousse Scroll Design with Gilded Interior and has a Monogrammed Cartouche on the front with a Blank Cartouche on the other. 
  • The hidden photo compartment is spring loaded and is opened easily by using your thumbnail to push on the area right below the monogramed cartouche.
  • Item is stamped Sterling and has PAT Jan 10 99 stamped on the inside compartment area.
  • Made by Battin & Co. - Newark, NJ
  • Circa 1899 - 1922
  • Condition:  Good -  item has some light scratches on cartouche areas and some tiny dings but no major blemishes and the seams are all in great condition. The lid assembly is in nice working condition and both lids shut tight and flush.
  • The photo compartment lid is easily opened by using your thumbnail to press down on the area just below the cartouche right below the two dots and the single dot. 
  • Size:  2 1/2 x 1 1/2"
  • Weight: approx. 1 oz


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