Rare First Edition 1968 Hummel # 261 Angelic Song TMK4 with Metal Tag

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  • Rare First Edition Hummel Figurine named Angelic Song # 261 
  • Has Master Painter Franz Kirchner initials Ki 4.69 
  • TMK 4 Three Line Mark and Stamped 1968 
  • Hummel Model Number #261 is in Black
  • The metal tag has W. Goebel Oeslau inscribed on one side and Arbeitsmuster on the other.  
  • M.I. Hummel is imprinted on the base
  • Made in West Germany
  • Condition:  Good - item does not have any chips or cracks but does have some crazing in various areas and also has some numbers written on the back of the figurine which can be seen in the photo and appears to have been done during manufacturing but they could be grading marks as well and are a mystery so I really don't know what they represent.    
  • Note:  item does not come with the original box.  
  • Size:  5 x 3"  
  • Weight:  6 oz


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